Why did I create MoCurls blog?

Welcome everyone!

My name is Monique but my nickname is Mo, which is why my blog name is MoCurls. I started this blog to help people who are transitioning from permed to natural hair, just did the big chop, or looking for natural hair advice. I myself, just did the big chop (March 21, 2015) after transitioning for one year and three months. My initial goal was two years but I was itching to cut off those permed ends! I haven’t been natural for too long so I am still looking for the best products for my hair (AKA product junkie) so I am willing to try different products if asked. In addition, I have a hair goal of mid-back length (for now). Everything I blog about is based on my own experience and challenges with growing natural hair. In addition, if you want me to write about a topic I’ll be glad to do so just email me. I would love suggestions and feedback while giving advice. I’m pretty much a open-minded person so don’t be shy. Thanks!

Taken with Lumia Selfie
Taken with Lumia Selfie

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