Sun Dye? Just found out about it!

Move over Summer, Fall is here! Even though I love the summer days and spending time in the sun, my hair hates it. Let me explain. My hair has been permed since I was five years old. My hair color was  black then. As years went on my hair turned brown with a combination of black streaks. No more black hair. I thought it was the perm changing my hair color because of all the chemicals they contain. So when I transitioned back to natural hair, I was so excited to have my natural, curly, black hair again. I did my big chop in March. Summer comes along. The ends of my curly black hair are turning brown! I was so confused and questioned my hair color and the products I used. So I did research. I found out the sun can naturally dye your hair without your permission! Some of you might think, “what isn’t that a good, you don’t have to use chemicals, right?”….well no…I want it black. I’m just saying. So down below, I do have a link from BGLH which talks about how to protect your hair from sun dye, as well as links from Youtube for those who would like a lighter hair color naturally, no chemicals.hairtrimsearch-378x370

12 Products that Provide Sun Protection for Natural Hair


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