My First Silk Press as a Naturalista!

For my college graduation (Whoop, Whoop!), I gave in to the heat and decided to straighten my hair. My hair has not been exposed to  heat since last year (Oct-Nov 2014) around this time while I was transitioning. Therefore, this was my first time straightening my hair as a full naturalista. I did not expect my hair to be too long since I just big chopped in March 2015; I was so wrong! My afro was so big! As most naturalistas say, “the shrinkage is real”. I thank my weekly co-washing , deep conditioning and no heat challenge for this growth. I hope by the summer of 2016 to have mid-back length hair….did I just speak up a hair goal???

After Big Chop (March 2015):


December 2015 (9 months later):




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  1. Omg. Your hair looks gorgeousss


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