Product Junkie Problems: Storage….

Oh! So you found the title interesting? Then most likely your a product junkie too….WELCOME! As a product junkie I can say storaging new,  used, unused, and empty bottles and containers can be an absolute struggle. You definitely don’t want to have hair products all over your living space, so I have some tips to get your product junkie ways together.

First, you may have this going on:

The Storage Struggle

I don’t have a lot of products, just many of products, so for tip #1: use a bucket/container. A container can help you keep your products in one place so you won’t have to go back and forth looking for a specific product. Also, you can use more than one because they’re easy to store.

Tip# 2: Label! Label your containers! Separating your conditioners and stylers can really keep you organized. If you don’t have time to label, you can always use different bags/containers to tell the difference. For instance:

Organized Hair Tools

Tip #3: Ziploc It! I love Ziploc bags! Since I’ve starting using Ziploc bags for organizing, my bobby pins and hair ties have yet to go missing and you know as a naturalista….they’re always missing. Ziploc bags are also good for protecting your hair accessories from spills and other hair products. I usually put my hair accessories with my oils and conditioners so now I don’t have to worry about finding oily hair ties anymore.

Protecting hair accessories


Tip #4: Clean your product storage, once a month! It’s important to do some monthly cleaning in your hair product storage because you might already have a product you wanted to try out (save your coins girl), have too many empty bottles, or there may be an oil spill.Cleaning your product storage could give you time to wash those combs and brushes as well.


Hair Storage Organization!

Overall, it’s okay to be a product junkie, just be a good, organized product junkie. Don’t let anyone see the many hair products you have, especially your natural hair friends because they’re always ready to discover those brand new products. No ma’am.

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