Best New Way to Buy a Car

When it comes to me and my money, no one can come between us! No one I say! But SOMETHING did come between us; the engine light on my car. Emerald (my 2001 Toyota Corolla), was getting dusty and tired of travelling from point A to Point B. She was my second used car in four years and she was the best. RIP Emerald.

So I had to give up the funds. But I didn’t know where to do it. As a young person trying to build themselves professionally and financially one likes to hold on to their hard earned money for as long as possible. I thought about buying a brand new shiny car. So I went to the street of car dealerships ( I believe every major city has one) and looked for a new car.

But something threw me off. The salesman were great….maybe too great. Made the process seem so easy by saying “You like this car huh? Well I can get you in it today, with no problem. Let’s do a test drive and if you like it all I need is your DOWN PAYMENT and I’ll do a quick CREDIT CHECK. Can I have your ID?”. My face said hell no.


You see before my feet touched that street, I did some research. A lot of research. Before going to CarMax, AutoNation, US Auto Sales, and where ever else had a car in the lot, I had one place where I thought about buying my car and it wasn’t a regular dealership. It was online. Totally online. Scary huh? It was for me too. That’s why it took forever to decide. For almost two weeks I compared the prices of a new car or even a used car from a dealership versus a used car from online.


I decided to go online to buy a newer used car. But not just any old, online car company. I used CARVANA. Never heard of it? Neither did I, until I saw their logo on another car while I was a stop light. And I’m so glad I did. CARVANA made the process of buying a used car the best experience ever. They have so many selections of cars to choose from, I was so shocked. Before doing any type of paperwork, I could decide on which car I could afford by using these dials on their website to determine my monthly payment. I wasn’t nervous about the car I brought because they have a 7-day test own money back guarantee. Guess how I got the car? They shipped it to me, for FREE (I live in ATL, where they’re based in)!

WP_20160721_10_42_36_Pro (1)


I’m not done yet. During my 7-day trial, I had a small problem. My hub caps were coming off. Guess what CARVANA did? They paid for new hub caps with no problem. CARVANA does their own 150 inspection test before they add a car to the inventory, yet I was still skeptical of how grand this company was so I went to get the car inspected for myself. After the car was inspected, the service guy said “I don’t know who you got this car from, but whoever it was did you well, we can’t find anything wrong with this car and everything had been replaced and switched with new parts.” Jaw drop.

I felt I made the best decision. The prices were affordable. The customer advocates were helpful and on my side the whole time, even asking a whole bunch of confusing questions. I didn’t have any sudden SURPRISE! additional costs. I didn’t hear any salesman telling me how this is the best decision for me, because I’m grown, I can do that myself. I highly recommend CARVANA to anyone who’s looking for a newer used car. If your skeptical about it, check out their website for more information——> CARVANA.

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2014 Hyundai Accent




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  1. Artalos says:

    Nice pic – it remembers me on the smart towers in Europe…


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