Four reasons to use Indian Clay in your Natural Hair & Hygiene Regimen

There’s already enough products you have to use to keep yourself together, right? But what if I told you there’s ONE product that can do it all? There’s an ancient secret that’s coming into mainstream, although its been around for years. It’s called Indian Clay. Indian Clay has many benefits (as well as cost effective!) and here I will tell you the main four reasons why you should add it to your regimen.

Clarifies, conditions, and defines curls

When I use Indian Clay on wash days, I limit my hair products to only a leave-in conditioner and oil because it does everything the other products do. No gels, custards, or defining creams necessary. Once I rinse out the clay my curls are shiny, defined, elongated, and soft. I truly recommend naturals to use Indian clay 1-2 times a month.

 Zaps acne and blemishes 

Got a pimple struggle? Indian Clay can fix it. I can honestly say when I get a pimple from the stresses of life, food, and and whatever else is going on, I use Indian Clay as a mask or small spot treatment for 1-2 hours, and the pimple and its redness is practically gone.

 Detoxifies impurities in the body Arm Detox

Indian Clay can be used as a great detox by internal and external uses of the body. It helps pull out impurities and toxins out from the body and promote a healthier look and feel.


Yes, toothpaste. You can make your own toothpaste by using Indian Clay. It’s more healthier and effective than the store brought toothpastes. Instead of getting seven can-dos in a toothpaste you’ve used for months to fix a problem that hasn’t been fixed, Indian Clay can do some much more. I haven’t tried it yet it but its on my weekly bucket list.


If you want to try Indian Clay and explore the many benefits it has, you can go to Vitamin Shoppe, GNC, or  Amazon.

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