Four Reasons on Why I Dismissed Eco Styler Before YouTube Cancellation

I know, I know, it’s the holy grail. How could you do this? Well… It was easy. Prior to the YouTube cancellation of Eco Styler, I had my own reasons aside from the ingredients to stop using Eco Styler.


   1. Too much variety- I have no clue on which color works for me

Eco Styler had my coins every month because a new color becomes the new fad. Since I’ve been natural, the red, green, brown, blue, and black tops have all became the new “it” EcoStyler that works for everyone’s hair. As a product junkie, I like to try new products but as my hair changes, Eco Styler has not been the best for me. It was a staple for everyone, everyone had a color; my hair had to be different.

2. Product Build-Up

Image result for product build up

White beads here, white beads there, they were everywhere. I could not use Eco Styler with other products unless they were water-based; even though, product build-up and dryness may still come along. When I use it by itself, my hair shows great results….for one day.

3. Crunch, Crunch

Why in the world does my hair have to get crunchy when using this gel? Breaking the cast? Using a blow dryer or stretching because of the shrinkage it caused? Didn’t make any sense to me. Plus, after all that product to make sure it was laid and defined, I still had frizz. Bruh.

4. Doesn’t slick/hold my hair

As a Type 3c/4a naturalista, laying my strands down isn’t the easiest. So I kept giving Eco Styler the benefit of the doubt. It never would lay my hair down, even after I had a head scarf on for 10-30 minutes. Again, the frizz was real.

Image result for slick bun frizzyImage result for slick bun fail







Please note: As the natural hair community continues to expand in popularity, our hair products will be products of harm. The companies that add harsh chemicals to make a quick buck are making us their targets. Some of these ingredients are not used in other countries.

Research your products. Know what’s best for your hair and body for longevity and not for a style fad.

Educate yourself on the ingredients used in these products:

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