Seven Ways on How to Build Creativity

What should you do when you have a deadline for a project and can’t think of an idea to get it started? Sure, you can force yourself to sit at your desk for a majority of the day until you come up with a brilliant idea; but will that work? If you need the inspiration to come to your noggin, then there are ways you can happily build creativity.

There are many ways on how to build creativity when you’re having writers’ block or trouble with creating a new idea. Here are a few ways you can start the creative flow:

Brain Dump

A pen and paper. Tablet. Laptop. When you have a moment to sit down and think freely, creative ideas began to flow and a transferable method to jot it down.



We are influenced by media every day (social media, books, television, phones, etc.) and there’s always some type of idea, question, or solution you might have after absorbing media.


Go out! Trying something new or going to a different place can bring a new idea to mind and have those juices flowing. #thinkandgrow



Breathe. Take a moment to listen to your inner self. According to, exercising improves your emotional state and can lead to a “flow state of creative work”.


Give your time. Volunteering is an opportunity to support people, communities, organizations, and much more. It will give you a new aspect or perspective of a situation or issue.


Make Notes of Ideas That You Have at the Moment
Hurry! You might have a great idea come to mind while driving or making dinner; do not depend on yourself to remember it later on. Or else, a good thought can be lost for good. Short-term memory is short-term for a reason and our quick moment thoughts are to be transferred to your storage media.

Being Around New People

Before the internet and cellphones, we learned by talking to each other. You can always learn something new from a new person in your life. Go to a Meetup, attend that seminar you’ve been planning to go to; meeting new people may be out of your element but you’ll push yourself and your mind. Hey, you might even find a new friend.



Whether it’s an essay for school or a project/task for work, creativity can come in many forms. Sitting in one place doesn’t always do the trick. So go ahead and take a moment for yourself and your mind.


Want to learn more about how to build creativity? Check out this article for more information:


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