Is This My Hair Type?: YouTube for Hair Typing

The ultimate natural hair question: What is my hair type? Defining your hair type or texture can bring light to the type of products you should be using. But how are most naturalistas finding guidance with their curls? YouTube.

There are many YouTube influencers who tailor to watchers when it comes to taking care of their natural hair. Most YouTubers try not to classify themselves with hair typing but viewers are.

How do I find the YouTube influencer for me? You will have to watch videos and search queries to find the YouTuber for you. On the great side, I have done that for you. Here are a few natural hair YouTubers for each hair type group to review:


  • 2a: Fine, loose curls, needs lighter products to prevent weighing down and lacks volume
  • 2b: S-shaped waved at the end and straight hair from roots, likes plopping method for definition
  • 2c: Wavy curls from roots to ends, prone to frizz but has volume

More Type 2 YouTubers:


  • 3a: Curls are loopy, needs light products such as a daily conditioner
  • 3b: Defined curls, prone to buildup, needs light products
  • 3c: Corkscrew curls, needs light, moisturizing products

More Type 3 YouTubers:


  • 4a: S-shaped curls, retains moisture, creamy and buttery products
  • 4b: Z-shaped curls, needs lots of moisture, vulnerable to dryness and breakage
  • 4c: Tightly coiled, shrinkage hides length, rich moisturizing products

More Type 4 YouTubers:

When I became natural, I was looking all over YouTube to find an influencer with the same hair type as mines. I found a couple of hair twins. After a while, my hair texture started to change. Not because of any chemical alterations, but my hair was growing, and multiple textures were forming. I had 3c in the back, 4a on the sides, and 2a in the bang area. Talk about a hair journey!

Even though I wanted to learn from others on how to deal with my hair type, no one was a better teacher than myself. Hair typing is only one-part curly people must deal with. I learned about my porosity, protein intake, creams vs. liquids, and much more. On that note, please use YouTube and natural blogs as guides and tailor your hair care needs to your regimen and strands. Not every product or hair tool is for you. Every curl and strand on your head is unique.

Learn more about hair typing below!

Do you know your hair type(s)? Who’s your favorite natural hair YouTuber? Tell us in the comment section below!

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