Bad Match and Friend: Dating Apps Are Changing the Scene

During my solo Netflix n Chill weekend, I watched a movie called Bad Match. The storyline entails a guy using a dating app to find frequent one-night stands until he meets the wrong girl who changes his life.

Ironically, two days prior, a friend tells me they signed up for Tinder. When I asked why they said, “Nothing serious, just looking for some fun”. I translated their quote to mean finding one-night stands and hookups.

So now, I wonder, what’s the deal with dating apps? Are they for hookups and quick thrills? Are dating app users changing the dating scene? Here are my thoughts and proof to back them up.


The Grass is Greener Syndrome

online dating perspective

Most dating app users are looking more at profile pictures than the bio sections (some people don’t even have a bio). We want the attraction, right? Therefore, we put our best pose forward for potential swipes to the right.

But what if someone swipes right for you and they’re still looking for someone else? It’s nothing personal, they just think there might be someone better. It’s called the grass is greener syndrome.

It’s how people think when getting rejected or know dating apps have tons of attractive people they can swipe right on. Isn’t it true? The ability to swipe left and right on a pool of humans can create some bigheads.

Less Approachable?


Let’s talk more about profile pictures. They are becoming better than reality. Let me explain. Profile pictures are still and straightforward with filters. People can see your full face without stretching their necks for a good look.

We’re busy looking at our phones, rushing to work and school, and dancing in dark clubs; we can’t see each other and don’t even look at our surroundings. There might be a cute guy across from you but since you’re thinking about the stressful day you have at work the resting bitch face is shining. Who’s coming over for that?

Want to talk to the girl that’s less than 20 feet from you? Instead of facing rejection or being weird, check the app that’ll show all the people within your radius. That’s a better method to flirt.

Maybe that is why dating apps are booming. But are they making us less approachable in reality? DMs are instant, but life moments are forever in mind. Take the risk.

“I need a break from swiping.”- Someone


Dating apps are a part of technology and we should have time away from all devices. Dating apps are a source of many to find a potential person; it shouldn’t be the main one.

As soon as we’re alone on a Friday night, we are using apps to fill the void. Are we wasting energy for low chances? Is potential less likely to come to us when we stop using dating apps? I can’t tell you the answer; you’ll have to free your fingers to see.

dating apps

Dating apps are on the scene and swiping left and right comes with the territory. I think it’s a great method to meet people, but we need to learn how to bring some traditional dating techniques back to society. We are losing the purpose of dating apps; it’s not a hobby or a method of power. What are your thoughts on dating apps? How should we use them?


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