Six Free Self-Care Apps for Busy Bees

Work, school, internship, family, friends, technology and so on. That’s all the things we deal with on daily basis. When do we have the time to deal with ourselves? Our schedules and titles demand our time, energy, and personality without a break. Self-care has become a booming topic for lifestyle and we need to make sure we are taking advantage.

I’m here to tell you that we need to make time. There are many personal ways to perform self-care acts without little effort. If you still feel you don’t have the time, use an app. It has been said we need to put our phones away to rest but now there are apps that’ll are changing this thought. Self-care isn’t only fitness and productivity; it promotes a healthy well-being. The following selection of free self-care apps will change your lifestyle.

Shine Text


Looking to start your morning off right? Shine can help. Shine sends daily motivational quotes, positive affirmations, and activities via text message for free. If you have an iPhone, there’s an app with great meditation music for on the go.

Sanity & Self

sanity and self

It doesn’t take much to do a small self-care act every day. But if you forget, the Sanity and Self will remind you. The wellness app contains self-care acts for the mind, body, and soul while containing two- minute-  audio sessions to promote self-confidence and encouragement.



Sometimes we bring our stressful day next to our pillows. It’s hard to sleep when we worry. The Calm app uses bedtime stories and music to ease the mind and stress levels. Calm has many meditation techniques to treat sleep and stress. There are free 7-day programs to help promote focus, happiness, self-esteem and much more. If you are interested in unlocking their unlimited access, it’s only $4.99 a month.



 We need to be selfish sometimes. If you don’t know how #SelfishBabe can teach you. Created by OlanikeeOsi, founder of Goddess Detox, #SelfishBabe is a women-focused app promoting self-love and self-confidence. #SelfishBabe connects you to a community, motivational quotes, and the #SelfishBabe podcast for free.

Charity Miles


Want to get fit and help a cause? Charity Miles is the app for you. As one of the top health and fitness apps, Charity Miles lets you choose a charity and tracks your movement to help earn money for that charity. It’s an effortless opportunity to give back while on a busy schedule and encourages fitness.

SunRise Inspirations


 Inspiration comes in different forms every day. We need the inspiration to motivate us through the good and bad. If you’re looking for instant inspiration, check out the SunRise Inspirations app. With the app, you can read and share more than 10,000 inspirational quotes via Facebook, Twitter, AirDrop, and email every day. SunRise has free five-minute inspirational videos and ecards to encourage yourself and contact list.

Never ignore what you truly need. Whether it’s a moment of silence, a vacation day, or a longer break. The demand for us to be someone, be somewhere, to do something can take a toll on us mentally and emotionally. If you feel you need to incorporate a self-care act, try one of these free apps. Please share your discovering to others; mental health is a battle today.

How do you take care of yourself? Comment, like, and share below to encourage others to take on self-care!



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