Six Natural Hair Tools You Need Before Fall

This morning, I stepped outside to go get the mail and I felt a breeze! I came back inside and checked my calendar and I was shocked; fall starts September 22nd.

Bye bye summer and hello joggers and sweats. But one thing that’s for certain is I’m ahead of the game and the local beauty supply store knows it.

I already have most of my hair supplies ready and can’t wait to break the seal off. So before you all go get your new products, here are six items you need for your natural hair before the official day of Fall.

My Curl Squad


If you ever used flexi-rods or curlformers to give your hair a new pattern, you know what to expect prior to installing them. Arm pain, no sleep, and discomfort. Try out My Curl Squad.

They are flexible, soft and easy to use rollers to create soft curls without heat. Versus other rollers, My Curl Squad rollers are versatile in size, giving an assortment in curl pattern.



Big hair, bands don’t care. Depending on the size of my hair band, if I do more than two loops to secure my puffs and buns, they aren’t surviving. They go to hair band heaven.

When I discovered Snappee, I was relieved to find long-lasting hair bands.  Created by natural hair model, Keziah Dhamma, Snappees are premium hair ties specifically for thick, natural hair.

Instead of pulling hair bands out with a snatch after a long day, Snappees has a fastening loosen the band and prevent breakage and tangles.

Satin Lined Beanie


There are days when my hair can’t get right. During the Fall season, I like to safely hide my strands. Satin lined beanies are protective styling slaps with satin-lining to prevent frizz, dryness, and breakage. For fall/winter looks, they are a great option to lock in moisture while maintaining a sleek look.

Looking for satin lined beanies? Check out:

Thermal Heat Cap


In the summer, I have no issue getting the maximum heat when I deep condition. I can sit on my porch and my hair will bake under a plastic cap. Although, during the Fall, retaining heat calls for bulky dryers or movement.

Instead, thermal heat caps are a better option. No outlets or batteries necessary. Thermal heat caps allows you to be free while deep conditioning.



 Honestly, I’ve never worn a wig. This is one protective style I know I’ll be check-listing this Fall. Wigs are great for protective styling. Also, they are quick versatile styles that’ll prevent naturalistas from using heat or harmful chemicals on the hair.



 With the fall breeze, it can get chilly and naturalistas are risking leaving their homes with damp or wet hair. A diffuser brings volume while drying the hair after a wash n go.



What natural hair tools are you using for the fall season? Like, comment, and follow!


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