Urban Hydration Product Review

I admit it. I purposely go to brand stores to look for hair products. I usually casually look down the hair care aisle; then go down and touch the labels.  It’s my guilty pleasure to look for the best hair care products this natural hair market has to offer.

While looking and touching the labels, I found a new brand; Urban Hydration. Created by Psyche & Vontoba Terry, Urban Hydration is an environmental-friendly, cruelty-free hair and skin care line which promotes consumers to be socially responsible and aware.

To make sure people are aware of the ingredients within their products, Urban Hydration lists all ingredients of each product online and on their labels. I enjoy the fact that they are honest about what’s in their products and why certain ingredients are there.

I brought three products from this brand and I have to say, all containers are empty. Let me tell you why.


Jamaican Castor Oil & Avocado Moisturizing Shampoo and Detangler

At first, I thought this product would be like Pantene; a 2-in-1 conditioner. This made me a little nervous. Once I pushed about four pumps of this shampoo into my hand and I saw its rich consistency, my worries left me. I love this shampoo. With little product, it lathers and moistures while cleaning my hair. Those four pumps gave me suds fro!

My hair is very fine and thick, so detangling is no walk in the park. The shampoo made my hair glide through my fingers. I started to detangle with shampoo. I have never heard of such a thing. Overall, I highly recommend this product.

Avocado Oil & Argan Oil Coconut Oil Conditioner

Photo Jul 22, 3 21 38 PM

I enjoyed the lightweight, creamy consistency of this conditioner. It had a great amount of slip. Except, I almost used half of the bottle trying to get a full coverage of my hair. My hair requires a lot of conditioner, especially when I’m detangling.

From my experience, I think this product will work great for someone with Type 2 or 3 hair. I will continue to use the conditioner as an occasional leave-in or refresher.

Jamaican Castor Oil and Avocado Moisturizing Styling Gel

Since leaving infamous Eco-Styler, I’ve been on the hunt for definition and moisture in a gel. This gel was very lightweight, clear, and moisturizing to the touch. With the right leave-in conditioner, I was able to obtain definition and moisture. The only problem I had was the shrinkage. I had to wait a couple of days and pick my hair for length and volume.

I tried to use this gel for slick buns; it didn’t slick my hair at all. I highly recommend this product if you are looking for a light gel hold that defines and maintains moisture for wash n gos.


Overall, I found all three products useful and I will buy them again soon! Have you used Urban Hydration? Interested in trying Urban Hydration? Click here! Tell us your experience in the comment section below!


Photo Sep 26, 12 31 00 PM


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