I’m Single Until…Taken or Marriage?

I’ve been coming across this topic over the last few weeks and I’m trying to answer this question. When does being single actually end?

According to religion, you are single until you are married. Then again, when it comes to mainstream, you are single until you’re in a relationship. See the dilemma?

I see the benefits in both. Let me explain.

In religion, we are supposed to get married and consummate with our partner. Prior to marriage, we are considered single until we have completed this process.

Therefore, unless there’s a ring on your finger and the marriage license is signed, you are single until proven guilty. I see this idea as beneficial because you’re not wasting time and effort on one person and you’re exploring other options.

There’s a sea full of potential and religion wants us to go discover it until there’s a ring. No heartbreak, wasted time, and high hopes until marriage.

Being classified as a girlfriend or boyfriend means you are committed to your partner and the relationship. In relationships, we become close to another person, we learn about their background, personality, likes/dislikes, and so on.

This is good to have because as humans we like having close connections with people that we trust. We learn how to grow with another person; not only as a friend but a lover as well.

Committed relationships are a form of practice. A relationship means you are practicing for the next level. Getting to the next level requires the investment of time, space, and effort.


When it comes to being single, which perspective are you for?  Which idea is better in today’s society? Comment below!


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