How to Be Goal-Focused In a Society of Distractions

We all have the countdown of the new year coming into our heads. We’re thinking about these last couple months and wondering why the goals we set for ourselves at the beginning of this year have not been accomplished. Excuses start coming now. “I’ve been so busy”, “I can’t take on another task right now”, “A lot has happened” and “Ah, I’ll do it next year”. Procrastination and excuses can get you nowhere. Society is full of more distractions than ever before; we need to learn how to focus on our goals instead out the outside noise. Keep reading to learn how to be more goal focused in today’s society.

We wake up. Phone. We shower. Phone. We go to work. Phone. We have lunch. Phone. I’m not blaming just the phone. The advancement of technology has given us apps, social media, tablets, constant communication and connect to the virtual world. We rely on it so much we tend to spend hours on Instagram and going down feeds to focus on the world instead of what we have going on in our lives. Start making those apps and tech products work for you instead of work you.  

If you’re wondering how to get tech products to work you here the answer: positivity. Put more positive outlooks and perspectives into your mind. There are many motivational, spiritual, and educational entertainment platforms that bring positive vibes into our days. From quotes to podcasts. There are many productivity apps to that’ll focus on the little tasks you need to accomplish your goals.  Such platform motivates us to be goal focused and even teach us how to execute our plans.

Learning to execute a plan is a great skill; never think you don’t have time to focus on your goals. Yes, we are busy with life, work, school, relationships, and much more; but those essentials have never stopped your favorite role model or influencer from getting to where they are now. Look at your time for the day. From blocking to scheduling, there is time to take those baby steps to your goals.

Baby steps are different for everyone. Don’t expect the person with similar goals to go through the same obstacles. Nor, don’t let the person who inspired you to achieve your goals to mistake their glow up as easy. Have you ever watched a person whose glow up came overnight and made you wonder “dang, I need to do better, I can be so much farther or like them”?  Watching the next person’s glow up not only wastes time but can make you feel incapable or behind. Your journey isn’t like everyone else. Never let the life or opinion of someone change your outlook on your progression.

Sometimes it’s better to keep your goals and plans to yourself. We all know from social media, people always have their two cents about your life as if they’re your therapist or consultant. Avoiding the opinions of people who don’t matter can free you from worry, doubt, and overall distractions. An accountability partner or mentor would be a great alternative than such people. Keep in mind of who you share your deepest desires to; if you do, watch their motives. Everyone isn’t the same.

Lessening distractions can take work. Whether you distant yourself or become a minimalist, society is full of distractions that’ll prevent your goals from happening. Strength and resilience will help you move forward. No one is perfect. In a world full of social media, civil rights, relationships, long work hours, and politics, we tend to forget about who we are; we all have flaws and we all have passions and dreams. There’s something bigger out there for you. Go get it.  


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