Natural Hair Fall/Winter Regimen: Back to the Basics

The boots in the back, please come up front. The cooler seasons are here and its time to change my natural hair regimen. Here are a few things I plan on doing for the Fall/Winter season:


3 in 1 Combo!


I don’t have time to separate any steps during my wash day. Deep conditioners and hot oil treatments are essentials during the winter season; great for hair growth, frizz, dry scalp, moisture, and much more. I combine my hot oil treatment and deep conditioner for 45 minutes with heat. Once finished, I add my conditioner and comb detangle. Drops my wash day to 1 ½ hour.



Butter Baby Butter!

I love saying that when I make grilled cheese. Anyways! During the summer, I use styling creams and lotions for moisture. But during the cooler seasons, I use butters. Doesn’t matter if it’s a buttercream, buttermilk, or shea butter, they’re butters are long-lasting moisturizers for my hair.


Hide Your Strands

The beanie is back in effect. I enjoy stuffing all my hair in my bonnet and putting on my beanie hat (I don’t have a satin beanie yet) . It’s a quick style for the weekends and late night runs. For a more work day style, I use the goddess/halo braid style.



Steam and Detangle

A long, hard day can always be fixed with an hour of steam. Trust me I know. Since I have low porosity hair, steam helps open my follicles and allows my hair to absorb hair products. So when I remoisturize my hair after a shower or spa treatment, its so much easier to complete a quick detangle session.



You need to cut it

They got to go! Those little, dry, straggling roots at the end of your hair aren’t doing you any justice. I like to trim my hair during the fall/winter season because it gives a natural hair reboot before the new year.


What part of your natural hair regimen are changing this Fall/Winter? Comment Below!


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