How I Became A Vegetarian in One Day

Since I was a tween, I cared about what I ate. When I turned 12, I told my folks I wasn’t eating red meat anymore. I despised when Ox-tail meat got between my teeth. Then when I turned around 14, I said I don’t eat pork and beef. I learned how unhealthy they were from a T.V. show. I stopped eating at McDonald’s (my youth eatery) and various fast foods chains. It was a thing in the 2000s. 

So that left me with fish, turkey and poultry.  I was happy about my health decisions for the remainder years. I was being self-conscious about what was going into my body. 

In 2015, I went to a beauty expo that held a workshop on food; it was an eye opener. I started reading labels and googling the ingredients in my grocery products. I stopped eating cereal. I love cereal. I was starting to get concerned. What can I eat?! 


Then, 2017 came along. It was the year when I decided to get a Netflix subscription. Netflix has so many movies, T.V. shows, and documentaries. I was so excited to get entertained and informed while ditching the cable bill. I didn’t know it was going to help me ditch my last “protein” selections.  

I watched the documentary “What The Health” and that was the last day I put a hot pocket and chicken wing in my mouth. The only reason why I watched it was because of Funarios comedy video on how he couldn’t eat a chicken wing anymore after watching this documentary because its dangerous.

People on social media were scared to watch it, people at work said they didn’t want anything to change their view, and other people said they watched it and they still had burger later on. Fortunately, I was one of those people who went into scared mode, started researching and went cold-turkey.   


It’s been over a year now; I’m still a vegetarian. In the beginning, I had some withdrawal moments. I still like the smell of the cooked meat, but I know I can get the same smell and almost texture by using plant-based alternatives. I’m able to go to any restaurant just like anyone; the only difference is I’m more conscious about what’s in my meal. When I go to a meat-based restaurant and I tell the cook or server no meat, there eyes get wide and they all repeat the same thing, “No meat?”. It makes me giggle.  

I noticed some changes too. My skin is clearer and I have less breakouts. I’ve always been energetic but now I’m always at my peak. I wake up without feel groggy or tired. My food takes less time to cook. My hair is thriving. I see the benefits in this new lifestyle.  

Will I ever go back to eating meat? My goal is to turn vegan in a couple of years. This is another journey that I’m willing to take that has benefited me in so many ways. I’m happy being a curly-headed vegetarian.  

Are you thinking about turning to vegetarianism/veganism? How’s your journey? Tell us your story! Comment Below!



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